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Frequently Asked Questions

You can now shop online through our website; it’s as easy as visiting Simply register to request access to the virtual store and just follow the steps to make your purchase. As always, you will receive the expected service quality.

Below are several of the most frequently asked questions along with their answers. If you cannot find the answer to your question, you may contact us at Tel. (787) 251-1000, Fax (787) 251-1011 or email and we gladly help.

Before a Purchase

It is save to purchase on ?

Yes, it is completely safe. Through our portal you can create a shopping list via internet, with no commitment to purchase. All you need to do is send the shopping list to us using the comments field, indicating the pick-up or delivery date.

Do I need to be a Nido Group customer and be registered to make purchases on

Yes. You must be a customer and be registered to purchase at Nido Group. The virtual shopping cart is an exclusive service tool available for any customer with established credit at Nido Group. The registration process is quick and simple. You must complete the information requested in the access application: name, company, phone number and e-mail address, and send the request; a Nido Group representative will gladly contact you.

What is the product or service guarantee and how are claims are handled?

The product warranty varies according to its manufacturer. Claims must be handled through the manufacturer according to the instructions provided with the item purchased. If the article or product claim is related to Nido Group’s management or delivery service, it must be notified within a 5 working-day period starting from the delivery date; claims exceeding the 5 working-day period will not be accepted. Claims or warranties related to products manufactured by Nido Group must be notified within the warranty period set for each product (see product documentation), and will be handled directly by Nido Group. Claims related to Nido Group’s installation services must be notified within 5 working days after the installation was completed.

Note: All claims must be properly documented explaining the reasons for the claim and should be accompanied by a copy of the purchase receipt or bill of lading to evidence the product or service was provided by Nido Group. All claims must be verified by our Customer Service Department.

Is it possible to purchase or order materials or products that are not included in the Nido Group website?

You may only order those products available or offered through the Nido Group store or virtual cart. However, Nido Group offers a special service order management. If you are interested in any hardware product or building materials not included in the virtual shopping cart, you may contact a customer service representative, sales representative or send an email stating your request and we will gladly assist you. In cases where a special item needs to be ordered, the order delivery may take several days.

During the Purchase

Is there a minimum amount to make an order?

Product purchase minimums are defined for each item. For order delivery purposes, we will take into consideration the type and quantity of the product in question and a representative will contact you. If the order is to be picked up by the buyer, the minimum amount is the amount established for the product.

Are all products available?

Yes, all products are available. Materials and product inventory levels are verified weekly. However, if for any reason, there is a lack of product availability, the customer will be notified immediately and informed about the expected availability date.

How long does it take before an order may be picked up or delivered?

The order must be available upon the customer’s request or the agreed-by date. If an order delivery or pick-up date is not established, the order will be processed for delivery in approximately 3 days or less. There are possible exceptions such as if the product is not in stock at the warehouse, or if it is a special item.

Do the prices shown on the webpage include sales tax?

The prices shown for articles and materials displayed in the virtual shopping cart do not include the corresponding sales tax due to the tax exemption that, by law, applies to certain customers.

Are there any delivery service charges?

Nido Group does not add delivery service charges to orders within Puerto Rico; it’s free of charge. However, order quantities are always taken into consideration when planning delivery routes so as to maximize our service.

After the Purchase

How can I be sure that my order was received at Nido Group?

Once you have completed the purchase process and submitted your order, you will receive an email including a copy of your order and an order number as evidence and for your records. You may also use this number as a reference to follow up on your order, if necessary.

Is it possible to receive an invoice?

Yes, it is. All completed and delivered orders are accompanied by a sales receipt or invoice.

Is it possible to cancel an order?

Yes, it is possible as long as this is done within the established time-frame prior to the order delivery date. If the order is delivered, the cancel request will be considered a claim and must be notified within the established time frame; please see warranties and claims information. If the order is for a special product, with special project requirements, and it has already been received at Nido Group, the cancellation will not be accepted and the order must be paid in full.

Note: Cancellation requests must be submitted by the customer in writing to the Customer Service Department and they will proceed to evaluate the request and determine whether it is approved or rejected.

Is it possible to change an order?

Yes, it is, as long as the order delivery process is not underway. To make order changes you should contact one of our customer service representatives and use your reference number to notify your modifications.

Is it possible to return my order?

Yes, it is. You have 5 days from the order receipt’s date to return your order. Approval is subject to the conditions of the materials or products: a customer service representative will evaluate the condition of the product, its packaging and other details to determine if the item is suitable for resale.

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