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Nido Group began in 1953 as a small hardware store in Puerto Nuevo, Puerto Rico. Today, we are one of the most important distributors of construction materials in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, and a leading galvanized steel products manufacturer with over $49 million in assets, and a 4-A1 credit rating.

While abiding by the philosophy of "attaining full customer satisfaction through quality and excellence in service," we manage a 12,000+ product line that serves more than 2,000 clients in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. In order to run our inventory and provide the best quality service, we boast a 6,000 sq ft showroom and a 275,000 sq ft production and distribution facility in Toa Baja, PR.

In 2010, we continued to uphold our tradition of excellence and innovation during the installation of an advanced Shopping Cart designed to allow customers to make online orders and purchases. Through this service, our clients benefit from full access to our inventory, allowing them to save time, resources and capital.

Nido Group’s 200+ employee workforce is committed to providing a distinctively superior service to all our customers. We constantly evaluate procedures and processes for potential improvements and strategically adapt to market conditions in order to maximize productivity and offer the best quality service.



"Certified Small Business Enterprise"

Our tradition of excellence dates back to 1971, when the US Small Business Administration named our founder, Mr. Rafael J. Nido Stella, as Businessman of the Year. Since then, we have received numerous recognitions and awards, including:

Commercial Prestige Award and International Award for Quality

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